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Today we would like to introduce you a new  world record: our 500W Module X10 – this is worldwide  all-time unrivalled so far. Let me show you:
We developed a new solution for COB modules from 5W to 500W. We can adapt these modules to specific customers´ requirements.

I would like to show you 10W – but please watch out – this is already very bright. This is equivalent  to a 60W incandescent replacement.

For a comparison: now the 500W high efficiency COB Module for example for the use in a flood light. This would be equivalent to a 2.500W Halogen lightsource. I will just show you 10 percent of the performance of this product – so this would be about 10 to 20 %  - I turn it down again so the eyes will not be harmed.

With X10 we developed a new connection system. That means for the customer there is no more soldering work to do. Lighting companies can insert the Module  solderless . Just the cables need to be connected from light source to light source.  Moreover, this concept is absolutely flexible and modular.  rectangular, quadratic, linear – all of these configurations are possible.

All in all with a smart  binning – very homogen. That means colour stability for the module is very exact adjustable.

Applications are very broad: starting from architectural lighting, downlights, spots up to flood lights. With the X10 we can offer the best customer benefit.